Due to a laptop’s mobility and portability, it makes it an extremely easy target for damage, as well as thieves, which is why we have created our own guide on how to protect and secure your laptop so nothing happens to it. Keep on reading for more information, or contact us.

Find your laptop and see who’s using it

Unfortunately, there have been a number of cases where laptops have been stolen and precautions haven’t been taken; therefore there is no way of getting it back into the right hands. We urge all laptop users to install a tracking software system onto your device. Carry on reading.

The use of mobile apps

There’s a large and growing market available to restaurant owners to promote their businesses: the smartphone user.

A recent survey on smartphone usage by Pew Internet found that 74% of smartphone owners use location-based services on their smartphones: that means asking for directions or looking for recommendations. And with smartphones set to outnumber humans in the UK this year, that is a huge potential market. Find out more.

With the number of members boasted by foursquare at 33 million and rising, and Top Table seating 25% of UK diners, you can’t afford not to be on at least a couple of these apps.

IT solutions

IT support specialists, Ekco Radar, are dedicated to providing our clients with a top level IT support service. We take the worry out of IT, leaving you to get on with your job and leave the IT support and maintenance to us.

We have been delivering phenomenal increases in productivity, using technology, for all of our clients since 1993, which has in turn engendered massive increases in profitability to our clients that have embraced our technical solutions.