Due to a laptop’s mobility and portability, it makes it an extremely easy target for damage, as well as thieves, which is why we have created our own guide on how to protect and secure your laptop so nothing happens to it. Keep on reading for more information, or contact us.

Find your laptop and see who’s using it

Unfortunately, there have been a number of cases where laptops have been stolen and precautions haven’t been taken; therefore there is no way of getting it back into the right hands. We urge all laptop users to install a tracking software system onto your device.

This software also works if you’ve lost it and are in urgent need of your beloved laptop or MacBook. Once the software has been installed, all you have to do is open it up and you will be able to see where your device is located.

This works on a number of smart technologies, including IP address locations, Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to activate the webcam. We recommend the GadgetTrak software designed to pinpoint your laptop if it was ever lost or stolen. Find out more.

Personalise & protect your MacBookmacbook-skin

Although some of us love the simplistic style of the MacBook, it is susceptible to scratches, dents and all sorts of other damage. The fun thing about customising your own MacBook case is that you can have it exactly how you want. Add photos, text and even a background colour – choose something you love. Select your size and start your design.

Not only will this look great, it will also take on the full force of any scratches and will keep the exterior of the MacBook looking stunning.

Wrappz personalised MacBook cases