Marketing your Restaurant with Mobile Apps

There’s a large and growing market available to restaurant owners to promote their businesses: the smartphone user.

A recent survey on smartphone usage by Pew Internet found that 74% of smartphone owners use location-based services on their smartphones: that means asking for directions or looking for recommendations. And with smartphones set to outnumber humans in the UK this year, that is a huge potential market.

With the number of members boasted by foursquare at 33 million and rising, and Top Table seating 25% of UK diners, you can’t afford not to be on at least a couple of these apps.


How can local business benefit?

Businesses can create loyalty and brand awareness using these apps. Here are a few ways they can help:

  • By allowing you to post offers and discounts to attract visitors

  • By making potential customers and residents in your local area aware that you exist

  • By giving them directions to get to you

  • By allowing people to phone you with a simple click

  • By allowing you to advertise on their app

  • By making it easy for visitors to post reviews of your business

Not every app does every single thing, so we’ve put together a list of 25 apps, some with a greater number of features, usefulness or a bigger user database than others. We think you’ll find something in here that will help get your business seen, reviewed and shared.

1. AA Restaurant Guide

The AA app is location aware (as are many on this list) that features around 2000 of the UK restaurants that appear in its printed guide. Reviews from the guide appear, as well as phone numbers, location, price guide, opening times and whether parking is available.

Unfortunately, users can’t review the restaurants.

  • Cost to user: Free.
  • Reviews: No.
  • Includes ads: No.
  • Uses third party data: No.
  • Is there an option to offer deals or coupons? No.