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Gate Opener

Take control of your gates with the latest gate control system.

To read more on Access control, how they work and the benefits please get in contact with us.

System features:

  • Galvancally separated relay contacts
  • Integrated GSM module
  • The system can be controlled by up to 1000 users

Open your gates with either a mobile phone or landline at no cost.

Volt free relay output with momentary pulse, ideal for automatic gates or electric doors. Stores up to 1000 telephone numbers for automatic access. This system is remotely programmable by a master telephone number. The Gate Opener is powered from 12-24 volts.

The Benefits of Installing an Automatic Gate

Why an Automatic Gate?

The most obvious reason for an automatic gate for any property, be a commercial and residential home, is the increased security that it offers. Everybody wants to feel safe when they are at home or work, and automatic gates are the best way of achieving this.  Purchase your automatic gate parts here.

They can also be combined with CCTV, access control and a voice communication system that offers you an extra level of security. Automatic gates leave you in control of who enters and leaves your property.

Increased privacy is another benefit of automatic gates. Intrusive salesmen and cold callers won’t be able to interrupt you, and avoids the hassle of having to shoo them away when you are at the door. This also allows you to enjoy your time on your front lawn without the prying eyes of neighbours.