With relentless pressure to extract more from their networks and reduce cost, network operators increasingly focus attention on optimisation.  Our experts are experienced within RF field strength measurement and is resourced to remedy and / or improve underperforming elements within the network.  We provide these optimisation services throughout the commercial delivery spectrum.

Optimisation tasks undertaken typically include the checking of antennas using GPS tools for horizontal azimuth and electronic spirit levels for vertical alignments.

  • Swapping of antennas for higher gain models or introducing signal amplification to an existing system.
  • Feeder testing for system losses and fault testing to determine specifically underperforming elements.
  • Test results are fed back to clients where a decision is made on whether replacement items are to be installed.

A key element is that continual dialogue is opened between site personnel and the cell planner until specific site performance is achieved.

Transmission in mobile telecoms


The continuing growth in mobile telecoms, particularly the increase in demand from bandwidth intensive applications, is causing a potential “bottle neck” for new communication and media products.  Our team aims to keep in step with these challenges facing network operators and provides its customers with a wide variety of in-field services and management undertaking all aspects of Transmission engineering work.

Hands-on control

Hands on control of projects is maintained by our in-house fully trained climbers who carry out the installation and commission of the Transmission equipment.

  • Access to the working location can be undertaken by abseil / rope access technique, normal climbing and cherry picker.
  • Works located close to the public highway are planned and executed by Caip’s New Roads and Street Works Supervisors.
  • Our wide geographic presence ensures a rapid and responsive reaction to customer’s needs and requirements.

Our teams carry instrumentation for fault finding and stocks of common materials so that problems can be fixed during the first visit.

Using IT systems, test data or fault finding information can be relayed directly from site to keep all parties within the solution loop in near real time.