Blog Post Ideas for Small Businesses

Benefits of blogging

Looking for real examples of great blog posts, Ive discovered something quite interesting. Most small businesses dont have a blog!

Now, this is surprising as the statistics show that businesses who blog:

  • Attract more web traffic: businesses with blogs attract 55% more visitors than those who dont.
  • Attract more links: this post How To Look Stupid In 140 Characters has links from 21 domains, including a very important one the New York Times. And look, Ive just given it another link.
  • Have more pages indexed by the search engines: which means a greater chance of people finding them.
  • Have more fresh, relevant content: which means a greater chance of searchers coming across their website.

So why not do it? Time and resources? Certainly but a small business need only publish a post once a month if they dont have time to do any more than that.

Or stumped on what to write about? Well, we have some 34 quick and easy post ideas for you.


Beginners Guides

Youre the experts in your your field, so why not give your visitors detailed advice on whatever it is you know about? A garden centre could give information on plant care, a dentist could offer tips on looking after teeth. Use images and videos and be as specific as possible.

Answer a question

Conduct a survey, search the web, look on Quora or Yahoo Questions to find out what people are curious about.

Ive had a look on Yahoo and the first question Ive seen is What is the difference between a regular DVD player and a Blu Ray player?

Thats a great idea for a post by an electronics retailer.

Or how about How do I travel from Berlin airport to our hotel? does your hotel or travel site give practical information on how to get to nearby locations.


Everyone loves a list. Theyre easy to follow, dont require much time or concentration to read and can often be really useful. A good checklist, focused on a particular job and made easy to print, with checkboxes big enough so the user can tick off tasks one by one, are even more useful.


Provide inspiration in the form of a local superstar whos done something great, or perhaps someone in the past who has contributed something to your industry.

Host an Event

Hosting an event on your premises or in a nearby venue will give you the chance to advertise yourselves, network in your local community and give you lots of content for your next blog post or two.

Or host a meetup: networking events are becoming extremely popular these days and organisers need premises to host their meetings in, as well as food and drink to feed the guests with. So keep an eye out for meetings in your town and offer your services.

Company News

Announce new products, introduce members of your team (in an interesting way), or mention the prize you just won.

Dont go overboard with this type of blog post, however youll bore your readers to death if you do nothing but promote yourself. Using some humour wont go amiss, if youre the type of business that humour suits, that is.


Theres always a place for a beautiful blog post intended to inspire. Provide ideas on how to dress yourself or dress or your home, or purely to please the viewer aesthetically.


Its hard to ignore a freebie and giving stuff away, whether its in the form of an e-book (how about an area guide from an estate agent); a cheatsheet (like the recipe cheatsheet example below); product sample (a mini chocolate bar from a chocolate retailer); or graphics and icons (if youre a graphic designer or web designer), for instance. If possible, ask for an email address in return.


A comparison blog post can be used by lots of businesses sellers of kitchen implements, dog food, toilets, vehicles the list is endless. Take one of your products and compare it with at least one another, explain the differences between them and, where relevant, which is the best choice.