calculator-178127_960_720Whether you’re a senior manager or an entrepreneur with your own start-up, there are two pieces of equipment absolutely essential for you to get your job done – Laptop and Smartphone.

However with rapid progression in both technology and applications, it is becoming more and more possible to run your business entirely from your smartphone.

Read this article from The Telegraph to see read a case study of a business being run using only a smartphone.

Have a look at our top recommendations for smartphones for business use:

  • samsung-galaxySamsung Galaxy S6

With Android having all the top apps and an ever increasing range of new apps, the Samsung Galaxy S6 really has access to everything you need to run your business. Have a look here to see how you can use your smartphone to increase your business.

  • Apple iPhone 6 and 7

Apple has always been a popular brand within the creative industry but with such a solid range of business apps available in the App Store the iPhone is being recognised as an indispensable tool.

You also have access to iTunes which has a vast array of business podcasts to help those just getting started to the most experienced business owners. Check out this list of the Top 30 Business Podcasts to listen to now. Check out this site for more about iPhones.

  • Nokia Lumia 900

The Nokia Lumia 900 is a Windows phone which makes it great for those used to using Windows on their PC. With an intuitive touch screen it is incredibly easy to use and is fast becoming a contender for best new smartphone on the market.

Of course if you are running your business from your phone you need to make sure it is in tiptop working condition 24/7! Having an expert repairs company on hand is essential. You can find out more about smartphone repairs from Square Repair.

Whether it’s a broken screen or battery replacement, they can have you’re phone fixed and up and running within the day so you can get back to running your business!

Do you run your business from your phone? Send us your story!

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