Why not invest in electrical rooflights and bring the outdoors into your home!

Opening rooflights feature automation technology at its very best. This style of rooflight combines efficient and minimal design with effortless automation, meaning opening skylight models are some of the most popular choices. See more information.

Most of these windows have an insulated upstand included, which means an actuator can fit inside the frame. This is great as it means there is no need for a second frame for the motor to be included.

The intelligent, contemporary design of an opening rooflight ensures seamless durability and keeps your roof looking brilliant.  Call 020 3733 9050 to make an order.

Keeping safety a top priority

Laminated glass is often built into rooflights as it is designed to hold together if ever broken. Laminated glass is perfect for a skylight as it provides better security and is a safer solution to toughened glass.

Thinking of the environment too

Opening windows from EOS Rooflights have high levels of certified energy efficiency. They provide fully certified, thermal efficient rooflights to all of their trade and public customers.  Find out more information.

A standard unit has an amazing U-Value of 0.97 W/m2K, giving you peace of mind that heat loss is kept to a minimal.

Discreet design that opens at the touch of a button

The ability to open your skylight at the touch of a button instantly connects you to the outdoors! In addition to this, the design of this rooflight means you can two rooflights sitting next to one another that can operate simultaneously. Rain and temperature sensors are also available.

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